My Approach

Every individual is “individual”, ie unique, treatment therefor needs to be individuated. Of course, the patient has their own health goals. This is my baseline focus. However, patients frequently do not know what is possible in the field of General Medicine, Psychiatry, or Anti-aging medicine. These possibilities are my service to offer.


Dr Summers’ Story

William K. Summers, M.D. is a third generation independent physician and neuroscientist.  He  trained at Washington University (St. Louis) in internal medicine and neuropsychiatry. Dr. Summers approach is based on forty years of medical research and clinical experience. He holds eight pharmacologic and neuroceutical patents. This includes tacrine (Cognex®), the first FDA approved treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Most recently, he patented a health supplement Memory reVITALIZER®. Receiving a U.S. patent on a health supplement is unusual. Dr. Summers further conducted a 113 subject double blind study of Memory reVITALIZER® and 65 subject Single Blind Study, both of which were published by a peer review medical journals (JAD.2009.12.29) and Aging Clinical Experimental Research (12 July 2017). Currently Dr. Summer provides contract provider services in various areas of the United States.



William K. Summers, M.D