William K Summers recently retired from private medical practice. He has forty years of experience as a Medical Doctor and Clinical Research. He now focuses principally as the president of ALZcorp and providing Medical Support Staffing across the United States.

Life Imagined Dietary Supplement

Life Imagined 

Dr Summers recently opened up the avenue for a seccond dietary supplement. The Target is for adolescents to baby boomers that want more out of life. This formulation of capsules are ideal for more vigor, concentration, improved memory and general wellness.  It is a fork from the original concept of Memory reVITALIZER.

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ALZcorp / Alzheimer’s Corporation

Dr William K. Summers is the President and CEO of Alzheimer’s Corporation. He formed it in 1999 in the State of New Mexico to find innovative ways to help diagnose, treat, or prevent degenerative problems of the central nervous system.  Memory reVITALIZER and Life Imagined are products produced by ALZcorp

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Is a formulated supplement to aid Adults and seniors in thought clarity, senior memory problems(CRS) and Energy. The product has value in whole body health. This Product has been subjected to Two FDA quality with Institutional Review Board(IRB) approved research studies, to show significant improved memory in both paired associative and immediate recall memory.

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